Friday, November 21, 2008

drink up an award!

I should have changed my motto to "love is like a bottomless lemonade". hahaha!!!

Thank you baby Sam for giving me this award. Why did I deserve this? 
Is it because my blog is green? Hahaha!!!

In the spirit of the green seaon, I am sharing this award to the following dedicated bloggers. 
Consider this my Christmas gift. Hehe.

1. Agnes Domingo of Unpretty
3. The Nerdz of Tatak Nerd
4. The Kagay-anons of Tsada Dubai
5. Edeliz Garcia of Edz Journey
6. The Chairman Tonton Neri of Republika Neri
7. The Pongracz Bees of Ecce Signum
9. Ken Jacalan of Technology for End Users
10. Errol SJ of Little Dark Jesuit Kid

Drink up the love!


-edz- said...

i didnt know i have an award from you... thank you so much!! =D i'm touched.. got lots of updates in my blog.. hope to see you there often. =D