Sunday, September 21, 2008

wooden rings and promises

i was exploring facebook links when i saw this article about wooden wedding rings. i checked out the sight and the rings are really beautiful!

then i talked to charlie about it and to my surprise, my vegan defender of the earth and champion of peace fiance said no. huhuhuhu. he wanted rings that last. well, i do too but i really love wooden ring designs.. so we were a bit confused what to do now. haha.

then the discussion turned to how he would have difficulty wearing a ring because he can't work with it and my allergy to metals. we realized we cant wear rings! so we decided to buy a ring just for the ceremony then later on hang it around our necks. but another problem surfaced.. i can't live with necklaces. and its a hassle to put it on and remove it every single day. now i think i will have to let him him wear both. hmmnn..will tell him.


Kikamz (Just About Anything) said...

wow, going green for the wedding eh! so happy for you te shals. so when's it gonna be? are we invited??

Bea said...

Interesting to know.