Wednesday, August 06, 2008

going full circle and getting dizzy

its been ages since i last posted anything sensible in this blog. a million things have passed as well. this is the new me!!! things are changing and this blog will too.

as you can see, my charlie background is an impulsive decision. cathy tells me, "ka-proud ba sa lovelife!" not really. maybe a little. but i grew tired of the little prince so i placed my real-life prince here. hahaha!!!

one never knows.

sometimes i feel like i've had enough of the teacher's life. i grow tired of reading the bible and textbooks over and over, tired of "creative" lesson plans, tired of the noise and teenage angst. sometimes i get tempted to yell at them and say "stop the drama. just live,awright!" then i see sad faces, and lost faces, and teary eyes, and quivering lips, and trembling hands...and its "shucks!" all over again. i feel guilty for disappointing all of you.

im just going full circle. i'm back to where i was before. knowing nothing. and i do not know you at all. it seems like i've overextended my stay and i am no longer wanted nor needed. i feel that many times. and its not your fault. no. i have passed and the longer i stay the longer will our misery be.

this makes me dizzy. this makes me sad. when can i give up,ha?