Saturday, December 08, 2007

fun de PoGon

the funniest guys: Anthoy Walter Vega (3 Gonzalez08) and Rodimer Lomoya (3 Pongracz07)

gad. they do make me laugh. and it somehow makes the ache go away a little. i wish all people have a moyax and a vega in their lives. they have that wonderful gift of making you realize that life is one big comedy and that the lord god meant for us to laugh amidst the saddest things. watching and listening to them, one need not go to a comedy bar or to the movies. their antics are original, their jokes natural. they take delight in the simplest, silliest things and somehow turn them into a big comedy show. they do not even try to make you laugh.

i am blessed to have them. but what you're actually seeing is only two of the funniest little big guys i have! imagine the power of a roomful of hyperactive 15 year-olds. gad. all the world's worries turn to smoke.