Friday, January 12, 2007

another fine day

have you ever wondered in your wanderings why life gives you shit most of the time yet one GOOD DAY in one FANTASTIC PLACE with WONDERFUL PEOPLE could make life worth more than the numbers your age have?

sometimes too life is all vibrant and heavenly for days and months and you think all the shit in the world couldnt make you stop feeling this alive and happy but shit does happen and it covers all the goodness you used to feel and now you think that life has never been worth living and all the happiness was just an icing to a half-baked, meaningless life you were meant to have in the first place and you realize that yes i did not ask to be born in a shitty world so who gave anyone the right to make me miserable?

may times this happens and still i like it when good days come though it makes me dread the shitty days because i know it will happen and no matter how much i know it will happen it doesnt stop me from feeling lost and empty and sometimes suicidal coz the gods above know just how to ruin my day with thoughts of love lost and gone and is not coming back anymore with hugs so tight it takes your breath away and when you remember to breath he's gone then the gods laugh and your day continues to be shitty and your nights as well so who can blame me if one day i just forget all the bad days as well as the good ones and keep right on exisiting with a fixed smile on a sad face?

its another fine, fine day and who knows you might just be missing me a little.haha.