Tuesday, December 05, 2006

lc bloopers! [FIRST EDITION]

first of all, my apologies to the lc blooper victims this year. be consoled by the fact that you have been divinely chosen to err in the most funny, unpredictable way. you made our lives way, way enjoyable. you break the monotony of all immersions and other tasks we have been called to work on. hehe. thanks you for the kindness of sharing this and laughing at your own mistakes. life's like that. whew!

dinner during immersion...
shal: lead the prayer, inigo.
inigo: let us put ourselves in the presence of god, in the name of the father, of the son, of the holy spirit. bless us o lord, as is our gifts...

light a tree contest...
shal: ingon ko nga 2 feet in diameter! haler!
mikki: ma'am! kabalo ka unsa na kadako ang 2 feet in diameter! isa na ka twee twunk!
(gwabe ka dako, miks!)

while waiting for the other lcs...
ganz: maayo kaayo modula si gallares og chess bai!
mikki: kinsa'y mas maayo sa ila ni ________?
ganz: mas maayo si gals. siya gani unta ang captain ball sa chess.
mikki: capatain ball? naa ba diay ball sa chess?

shal: grabe kadaghan stars ato tree.
yoyong: lagi! star like a shine! star like a shine!
mikki: di ba shine like a star man?

during the halu-halo ala XUHS
jyle: let us give them a warm of applause!!!!
(were burning!!!)

how did this happen to intelligent people? basin sa lamok na sa erya bai!

more coming soon.... [formator bloopers na sad!]